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"With its' high production values, standard of musicianship and impressive lack of filler material, Boiling Pot has the makings of something rather special"


  R2 RocknReel

"This one deserves to be in your collection you will be missing atreat if it isn't "


Boiling Pot

Dave Watkins Blues In Britian

"Worthy of four Michellinstars at least "


Steve Youglivich

Blues Matters Boiling Pot Reveiw


“Richard Townend is perhaps one of the most prolific songwriters in the British blues scene. Since 2011 he has released six albums as a soloist and with The Mighty Bosscats. The fact that he can, even at this pace, still write outstanding songs, was proven once again with "Boiling Pot".


Wasser Prada


"He wields what sounds like an original resonator and plays with a lot of considered depth and natural charm – lovely songs performed with real heart and love......."




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"......but the songs on the CD are Exemplary" Blues in Britain

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