Album : 'We Are Where we Are' 
2 British Blues Award Nominated songs on here

Track Listing :

1) We Are Where We Are
2) Aint Got Religion
3) Fault Line
4) Al
5) Blue Bottle Blues
6) Life Can be Unkind
7) Little Red Rooster
8) Hang an Innocent Man
9) Ring
10) Stop Messing Me Around

We Are Where We Are

  • - REVIEW

    "Melancholic, relaxed and enthralling: Richard Townend is a fascinating songwriter in the world of blues. With The Mighty Bosscats he has a band on the side that make his songs prime examples of contemporary blues.

    No, this is not Chris Rea, and not JJ Cale – if he was he would not have written song likes "If you aint Got Religion" or "Hang An Innocent Man" . To Richard Townend the stories he tells in his songs, are more important than the saleability. And so to "We Are Where We Are" a fascinating collection of ten songs that you will like to listen to the lyrics, which may move/disturb you and which you can also disagree to. Musically this relaxed blues is full of surprises (great - especially the saxophone solo on the title track). The Mighty Bosscats are just not the "normal" band that can be heard playing on the weekend in your favorite pub. Although any pub would benefit to step away from the eternal clichés, from the same old riffs and songs to this exciting music full of melancholy and beauty.


    WE ARE WHERE WE ARE : This ten track CD is a gem. The whole CD hangs together brilliantly with a clear and mellow voice where all the lyrics are audible, balanced with a deep understanding of ‘swamp’ music that really evokes the Deep South. This is a sophisticated and confident CD covering religion, relationships,life experiences and for me, one outstanding track about a Southern lynching that catapults the listener back into dark and troubled times. There is a languid quality, speakeasy smells and sounds, laid-back yet insistent blues and sunshine.Exquisite and occasionally haunting,this CD takes a more varied musical approach than previous albums and shows a cohesiveness that promises exciting times in the future.One of Townend’s strengths is that he allows the lyrics to accompany the listener rather than pushing concepts and conclusions in their faces.