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Band Album 

1) Last Train to Midnight
2) The house of Blues
3) Hey Mr Bird
4) The Rain Keeps Coming
5) Ticket of Life
6) One of These Days
7) Plenty of Time
8) Gonna be BB King
9) She's Gone
10) Lost on the Way
11) Little Stevie
12) 7 long Years

Ticket of Life

  • This is a review from Blues matters for ticket of Life, 78RPM, Old new Borrowed and Blues :-

    BLUES MATTERS MAGAZINE : ‘Ticket Of Life’ is a collection of songs in various Blues styles – from a dark and soulful Mississippi Blues style through Blues with country touches and some delightful lithe Blues picking too. ‘House Of Blues’ is wonderful: dark and hypnotic with some beautiful guitar playing, ‘Ticket of Life’ has real Dire Straits touches with more upbeat playing and a whispery vocal and ‘Gonna Be B.B. King’ has a gently rollicking gait. ‘Old New Borrowed and BLUE’ continues the mix, opening with the atmospheric ‘You Were My Angel’ – massive nod to Chris Rea and a wonderful track to just cover yourself over with and float off into the bayou: never mind Mighty Boss Cats, this is wonderful number by anyone. ‘She’s My Best Friend’ is a paean to a guitar – with you through thick and thin and always there when all else has failed you. Only eight tracks here including the deep and emotional ‘Omagh’ but immensely satisfying. ‘78RPM’ is Richard Townend solo and now you can hear who the lead vocal was for most of the Mighty Boss Cats. He wields what sounds like an original resonator and plays with a lot of considered depth and natural charm – lovely songs performed with real heart and love. These three albums show some of the best of the modern age – three albums from out of nowhere, created by musicians for the love of it and not needing to bankrupt themselves to record and press (I assume) and marketed through the wonders of the t’interweb. On the other hand if I were not in the lucky position I am I might never have heard of them. Really fine music and on a sweltering August night they really do fit the bill.
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