Track Listing 

1) Take the Sunshine
2) Time to Move On
3) Walking with a heavy heart
4) Take the Pain Away
5) Half a Dozen of One
6) Shoes
7) C Jam Blues
8) Down Down
9) All Pretence
10) Man in the Moon
11) Troubled Mind

Take The Sunshine

  • It must be difficult being in Richard Townend's head some of the time, especially when he's in full creative mode. When a song comes to him it must be tricky deciding if it's going to be set aside for the solo albums or worked up with the boys in his band, The Mighty Boss Cats. True he's not alone in that multi project approach, but it's always struck me as being a slightly schizophrenic place to be."Take The Sunshine" is, I think Richard's third solo outing, and is probably the one that features the most relaxed sound. Compared to the earlier cuts it feels like he's got that whole retro, nightclub, jazz-blues sound absolutely nailed, giving the whole album a sophisticated, accomplished feel.This is one of those albums that has a groove running through it, like a message runs through a stick of rock, i.e. it doesn't affect the experience, but gives it a real sense of individuality. Townend settles into the sound in a very naturalistic way, there is nothing forced about the way the album comes across. The combination of vocals and swing feel right together. It's like you're given a choice, you can let the songs wash over you and simply relax to the sound or you can let the music pick you up like a double espresso. The great thing about "Take The Sunshine" is that both approaches work.This is one of those albums that it's difficult not to move with, there's always a beat that will get feet tapping, head nodding etc and that's not to say you've got an excuse to let the words go by. Townend has put together a great collection of songs, kick back and enjoy. Neil King