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The New Album from Richard and the Mighty Boss Cats " one of the most prolific, genuine,talented and under rated musicians i have ever met "  Kevin Beale - Independent Blues Radio DJ  WWW.CHANNELRADIO.CO.UK 

Boiling Pot

  • review in the German Blues Magazine WASSER-PRAWDA - translated from the original German text – review date 16-12-2013

    “Richard Townend is perhaps one of the most prolific songwriters in the British blues scene. Since 2011 he has released six albums as a soloist and with The Mighty Bosscats. The fact that he can, even at this pace, still write outstanding songs, was proven once again with "Boiling Pot".

    Townend had indeed - much like the French singer Nina Van Horn - wanted to make an album about the seven deadly sins. But the project stalled at some point, probably because the text ideas were not sufficient. But a few pieces on "Boiling Pot" are a good fit: not only the explicitly titled "Pride" - a song about how one's pride prevents one from really engaging with people and life itself. Also, the country song "Lordy Lordy Lordy", "Waco station" and other songs time and again make references to faith, to God and religion. This never appears artificial, always in small stories of everyday life, which encourage one to reflect .

    Musically, the Bosscats have processed a lot of influences in their pot. A lot came in from blues and blues rock, in addition a little Country and Americana. And the whole is seasoned with references to songwriters / guitarists like Mark Knopfler or Chris Rea. The heat, however, is usually reduced, because the dish actually only has to be kept warm until it is savoured, even if songs like "Elvis Coming Home" duly drive forward: This is not an album for wild dancing in the pub but rather for a more intimate meeting with friends. Because only in silence can you really listen to the stories and not let them rush by as that would be pity if they did.

    Now I am curious if Townend continues to work on the deadly sins as a songwriter . Because even though I 'm not a great fan of concept albums: What is conveyed here within an album in thoughts and suggestions, in stories and feelings makes one curious for considerably more.
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