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1) My Baby Left Me
2) RAS
3) I Need you
4) Sad Song
5) Whats got into you
6) Sailing
7) Gonna Be Walking
8) Don't Matter what you got
9) Dont you ever say goodbye
10) Home Time

78 RPM

  • BLUES MATTERS : ‘78RPM’ is Richard Townend solo and now you can hear who the lead vocal was for most of the Mighty Boss Cats. He wields what sounds like an original resonator and plays with a lot of considered depth and natural charm – lovely songs performed with real heart and love. These three albums show some of the best of the modern age – three albums from out of nowhere, created by musicians for the love of it and not needing to bankrupt themselves to record and press (I assume) and marketed through the wonders of the t’interweb. On the other hand if I were not in the lucky position I am I might never have heard of them. Really fine music and on a sweltering August night they really do fit the bill.
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