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 Boiling Pot

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Richard Townend releases a brand new album with The Mighty Bosscats that is in the main very American sounding and themed, there is some great musicianship and wonderful lyrics both ironic, metaphoric and just keenly observed.Eleven songs featuring a wide range of subjects from the human condition to fantasies of old America. Kicking off with ‘I Need A Friend’ a very Knopfler style of song that features a similar guitar sound and a great addition of an accordion in the second half of the track. 

The title track ‘Boiling Pot’ has a very laid back harmonica/guitar opening that continues later to feature a wonderful soaring and uplifting guitar break, this song also features some of the afore mentioned observant lyrics.The musical styles continue into the album with the country flavoured ‘2.45 Express’ and the infectious gentle rockabilly vibe of ‘Elvis Coming Home’ which has lyrics of some famous tracks to look out for. Fans of yesteryear slasher films will recognise the lyrical vibe of ‘Candyman’ a slow burning track with the fatal call of ‘call my name and it will be judgement day’. Not content with the previous styles, we then get some gospel in the form of ‘Lordy, Lordy, Lordy’ and Americana with ‘Take Me To Waco Station’.I will save my favourite two tracks until now, ‘Pride’ has a great groove, the track features some sweet harmonica from Phil Pawsey, very good lyrically ‘maybe you think you fly high, soar above everyone below, but it’s a lonely place in the clouds, I’d rather be alive than a hero’ and then we get the wonderful song ‘Devil Inside’ relating to everyone’s inner demons and addictions. One of Richards finest works, lovely music with very poignant lyrics ‘power or money or alcohol, can be lust for the woman next door, Satan’s powder mixed real nice, you just need it more and more….everybody got a devil inside’, this is already one of my songs of the year.This is a really fine album of an assortment of music styles mixed in with great lyrics, this should be an album that gets on most peoples top five listings for 2014.

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