Bewick Suite Jam

Richard Townend was a professional musician graduating from Leeds College of Music in 1986 where he studied guitar and composition. Leeds was one of the only colleges, at that time in the UK, which specialized in a degree in Light Music. This led Richard to play with and tour with TV stars of that time such as Ronnie Corbett, Charlie Drake, Les Denis , Dana, The Platters and Tony Christie to name but a few.


When he moved to London in the late eighties, he decided to
leave the professional music field and play for fun after becoming
disillusioned with the professional music scene. Soon the fun
dried up and he hung his guitar up for good when he moved to
Essex in 2001.





Later in that decade he was inspired (after watching a jam session at the Bewick Suite in Maldon Essex) to start to play again. He got his guitars out of hock, formed the Boss Cats, and gigged as a hard rocking blues trio in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughn; later to morph into the cool sound of the Mighty Boss cats in a more relaxed incarnation.

In 2011 he decided to write and record in a more serious nature
culminating in 8 album releases in the period Jan 2011 – Nov 2015 with an 9th one being worked on Dec 2015. He also uniquely creates videos for these album songs 
which can be found on the ‘themightybosscats’ you tube channel. There are over 80 of these ; they also appear on his website.


The albums have received critical acclaim and have a

contemporary eclectic feel to them, mixing his Blues, Jazz, Country and many other musical influences. He has been nominated no less than 4 times for his songs in the British Blues Awards for original song or album  in 2012,13, 14 & 15, 16 and 18 . Has also had songs released by Blues Magazines on their cover mounts and has a fan base covering the 5 continents.

His lyrical content and subject matter are also praised, Richard
writes songs and not 12 bar guitar solos with a few words thrown
in for measure. He is often called prolific having recorded over 100
songs in the last 9 years – although written nearer 200


He is favorably compared to JJ Cale, Chris Rea and Dire Straits. He plays solo or with the band depending on venue size or
requirements of the sponsor.


The solo work encompasses an exciting array of self penned songs looped into a full band sound as he plays.







“Melancholic, relaxed and enthralling: Richard Townend is a fascinating songwriter in the world of Blues. With The MightyBosscats he has a band on the side that make his songs prime examples of contemporary blues ......WASSER-PRAWDA.DE

 "Three albums show some of the best of the modern age –

three albums from out of nowhere, created by musicians for

the love of it. ............... Really fine music ........." BLUES



 "...........including the exceptional and exceptionally

atmospheric ‘Hang An Innocent Man’, prove Townend is a great

writer as well as musician" BLUES MATTERS

· "Laid back music showing real style and

sophistication............ " LPPROJECT


"Don’t let the easy-going swing of this tune make you ignore

the astonishing nature of the acoustic guitar solo that is frankly

breathtaking both in musicianship and in sense of

melody.............." PANIC MAGAZINE


"A diverse range of experiences and an eloquence that is

stunning at times echo musicians such as Simon and Garfunkel

in ‘Silver Coin’ and elsewhere of Seasick Steve and Glenn

Campbell ...................." LPPROJECT


"The songs carry a moral authenticity, the music is

superb ....................." LPPROJECT


"But this isn’t just another white man playing the blues as

learned from Clapton, Knopfler et al, there is a real sense of

authenticity in the raw grit of the

recording......................" PANIC MAGAZINE



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