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& the mighty bosscats 

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The New Album 

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"Are you the person you've always wanted to be ?" 

Lyric Book 

"It's hard not to view Townend as a sort of latter day Mark Knopfler. His lyricism and fretwork both share echoes of the former Dire Straits leader " 

- Elmore Magazine New York 

"This ability to conjure up vivid imagery is a constant throughout the 14 tracks that comprise ‘Ticket to Memphis’ and it’s a rare thing for an album to hold your attention from the opening lines of the first track to the closing lines of the last "

- Americana UK

"His music is original, thoughtful, sometimes eclectic, superbly arranged and always well played  - In sum, this is a delightful gem of an album in search of a patient listenership"

- Pete Feenstra Get Ready to Rock Radio 

Shows 2024


16th Feb - Broadstairs Blues bash - Chapel 5.00- 7.00 pm

17th Feb - Broadstairs Blues Bash - Royal Albion hotel 4.00-6.00pm

18th Feb - Carpenters Arms Maldon - my own Songs Session - 7.00pm 

24th Feb - Brighlingsea Music festival

28th Feb - Guest at Sacketts Gove Jam Clacton

10th Mar - Tap Room Maldon 4.00pm

16th Mar  - Man of Kent Tonbridge - 9.30 pm 

24th Mar - Carpenters Arms Maldon - my own Songs Session - 7.00pm 

29th Mar - Kings Head Chingford - 9.00 pm 

21st Apr - Carpenters Arms Maldon - my own Songs Session - 7.00m 

18th May - Station Arms Southminster - 8.00 pm

26th May - Tap Room Maldon 4.00pm

23rd Jun - 01 Jul - Tour Khazaksthan

14th Jul - Tap Room Maldon

25th Aug - Queens Head Burnham 4.00pm

04th Sep - Little Green Dragon Enfield 7.30 pm

03rd Nov - Stafford Arms Cleckheaton

04th Dec - Little Green Dragon Enfield 7.30 pm

08th Dec - Balmoral Club 8.00 Saltburn on Sea 8.00pm


03rd Feb - Jimmys Farm Ipswich 8.00 pm 

04th Feb - UK BLUES AND

RnB Festival Winter Gardens Blackpool 

15th Feb - Oak House Maldon 8.00pm

09th Mar - Bassment Chelmsford 9.30pm 

12th Apr - Madison Heights 8.00pm

18th Apr - Oak House Maldon 8.00pm

27th Apr - Bassment Chelmsford 9.30pm 

04th May - Headgate Theatre Colchester - Band Show 8.00pm

08th Jun - Theatre